Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Kodi
    07-28 10:50 AM
    I actually went for stamping in my 4th year, that's after extending my H1 after the first 3 years. They didn't ask any questions. I'm not from India though so I don't know whether its different.

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  • gcwait2007
    12-27 05:46 PM
    Mine is at Nebraska

    My I-140 is also pending in Nebraska, I am also in EB-3 category with labor PD 02/20/2007. Your labor PD is 03/2007 and hence it is surprising! I saw an approval for one EB-3 filed in April 2007 in but his PD is 2002.

    I do not see any LUD these days in my pending I-140 and I-485. There was a soft LUD in my wife's I-765 (EAD already approved and received) about a month back.

    Please keep us updated.

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  • tricolor
    06-20 07:46 PM
    Hi Buddy,

    Put your address in 485 apps. You may at some point want to change the employer under AC21 rule and this will allow you to 'carry' the 485 process with you. Basically you own 485 process whereas it's not the case with labor and I-140.


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  • sanju_eb3
    04-28 09:43 AM
    I think you have to wait until your 3yr H1B is clear. If you find a new job before your current H1B expire, you may not have enough time left on your H1 to get the new GC labor and I-140 approved.


    My I-140 will be approved shortly in premium processing and I'll be applying for 3yr H1 extension. There is a chance that I may get laid-off soon and I wanted to know if I can change the jobs while my H1 extension petition is pending with USICS. My current H1 will expire in June'07.

    Sorry, if I am asking a question that has already been addressed here. I tried to browse the forum but could not find anything.



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  • my_gc_wait
    10-20 12:42 AM
    My wife is maintaining her H4 status since Feb 07 and last entered US on H4 visa in July 2010, we have our EAD cards based on pending I485 filed in Aug 07. Her AP is valid till Jan 2011 and I am on H1B. she started working on EAD couple of weeks ago.
    My question is: does the fact that she entered last on H4 affects her ability to work on EAD? Will it cause any problems in I485 approval.

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  • GCHope2011
    07-02 01:14 AM
    Immigration - (
    Good article - balanced view.


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  • tamil12
    10-20 05:52 AM
    Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.

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  • bharat2008
    08-18 09:38 PM
    Thanks guys.

    My I-797 and old I-94 are same number .I will send the new I-94 to KY .


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  • smsthss
    11-30 07:13 PM
    I got an RFE to send copies of my degrees on nov 15th. my attorney sent the copies and my status changed to Response to request for evidence received and processing is resumed. How many days will it take for I-140 approval after the response to RFE to received by USCIS ?

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  • anilsal
    02-02 09:32 PM
    is a continuation of medical benefits after you terminate your employment (voluntarily or involuntarily). It has nothing to do with immigration. The cost will be higher.

    If you are out of a job on H1B for a long time, then there certainly is a legal problem unrelated to COBRA. For EAD, it does not matter.


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  • maniyarasan.selvaraj@gmai
    08-04 08:50 PM

    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Thanks in Advance.

    - Mani

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  • for_gc
    04-12 02:13 PM
    I am from Memphis too. Let me know if we need to organize something.


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  • eager_immi
    02-11 08:38 AM
    Labor substitution is going to be removed by USCIS and very appropriately. So it is risky business.

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  • jasonpark
    August 12th, 2005, 12:50 PM
    Appreciate the input - look for individual posts from me soon.

    D80 [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : D80


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  • amulchandra
    02-28 12:15 AM
    Pappu /administrators,

    Please check this link...Does anyone know about the following. Is this useful to us in anyway?

    This is the content of the above link from immigrationportal.

    I have been speaking with the producers of the Trevor McDonlad show regarding immigration visa scams and also the problems we face with renewals, retrogression and children also still aging out despite the CSPA (Child status protection act) and especially what happens if the petitioner dies as in my case. They are looking for people who's American dream has turned into a nightmare and sure there must be thousands of us

    They are flying from the UK and a group of expats are meeting with the producers on 21st Feb 07 in the Davenport area in Florida which is near Disney

    No filiming will take place on wednesday but filming will be on Friday to be confirmed. A famous Newscaster Nick Owen is flying to Florida to take part in the filming

    If anyone would like to attend and share their heartfelt experiences please send me a pm with your contact details

    Should you be unable to attend then please call or e-mail the assistant producer as below

    Gurbir Dhillon - Assistant Producer - ITV
    Tel: 44-207-316-6448
    Mob: 44-7768-725121

    Regards Sue,

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  • pmpforgc
    05-04 02:40 PM

    Since I got electronic refund to my tax rebate and have SSN for all family members, I was expecting Tax refund (stimulus) to be deposited in my bank accoung this week. This was big announcement in the last week.

    But I dont see any rebate deposited in my account?

    Does any of you have received such rebates?

    Is there any contacts numbers where we can approach if we did not received Stimulus rebate al though we filed electronically?



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  • anilsal
    10-12 12:04 PM
    It may be better to call the USCIS 800 number and I think there is an option for change of address.

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  • immiuser123
    07-18 01:43 AM

    Congratulations to all...
    Many thanks to IV core team for a very well co-ordinated effort.

    Will the Visa numbers from fiscal year 2008 be used for alloting the numbers for those who are filing now ?

    As per rule since those visa numbers are from future they cannot be alloted to those filing now.

    Any predictions on how the October bulletin looks like ?

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  • ivuser9
    04-14 10:10 PM
    I have received the following RFE.

    Please submit the oldest available evidence which establishes your birth and parentage. This evidence may include, but is not limited to:

    a. Hospital birth records which name the child and both parents.
    b. Medical records which name the child and both parents.
    c. School records which name the child and both parents.
    d. Census records which name the child and both parents.
    e. Religious records in the form of a certificate under the seal of the organization where the baptism, dedication, presentation or comparable rite occurred following the birth, showing the date and place of the child�s birth, the date of the religious ceremony, and the names of the child�s parents.

    I have submitted Date of Birth Certificate at the time of applying 485 which is dated in 2002.

    I am planning to submit notarized affidavits from my father and mother.

    SSC (10TH Certificate/Memo)

    Are these enough? What are the other options ? Please let me know your valuable thoughts..

    Thank you

    09-05 12:02 PM
    so many reasons not to attend.
    why are you searching?
    but then "one more" suggests you have your list already.

    as if you or I are attending (or not) because of the attitude of 'desis'

    please gimme a break.

    there are also reasons TO attend.
    spend some time on that please.

    btw the first 4 lines of that are good...need a better punchline!

    07-18 03:55 PM
    does not work....

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