Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • vix95
    01-16 01:26 PM
    Hi ,Could someone please tell me FOR SURE that

    1. A transit visa is required at paris when travelling from London to Zurich via train and changing the train at Paris.
    2. Does my family need any additonal visa (other than transit visa if required), as I am on UK work permit.


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  • reddog
    02-20 12:47 PM

    My mom is scheduled for an interview for a visitor visa at US Consulate, Chennai. My mom is 70 years old and she will be the only person attending for the interview. She has not travelled a lot and she will not be able to figure out everything that is needed inside the consulate before and after the interview by herself. Now - my question is - Can my mom take anyone (say a relative) with her inside the consulate for help?

    Appreciate your help!

    No, she cannot carry anyone else except herself inside the consulate. A relative can accompany her till she enters the consulate and your mother can ask for a translator and I am sure there would be people to help her, otherwise too.
    But as far as someone accomanying her inside the consulate, NO,
    And just in case, even if the relative is able to get in with her, it is not advisable to do so.

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  • trexx7
    10-02 03:56 PM
    I am currently working on H1B and have received my EAD and Advance Parole recently. I am planning to travel next month and want to use
    my Advance Parole for this purpose. When I come back (to avoid h1b stamping again in home country). Do I need to use EAD to continue
    working in US?

    Thanks in advance

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  • kunalmeh
    06-27 04:11 PM
    Please give us more details , don't mention color of the receipts(one is Visa appointment fees and second Visa issuance fee )

    as far I remember , the receipt used to get visa appointment should match with what you you submit at consulate. If you have lost it then u need to get another DD and book/if possible edit the appointment deatils

    But if you have lost Visa issuance fees , u don't have to modify ur appointment details but sure you need to get another DD

    my wife still needs to go for VISA, HDFC gives 2 receipts.. 1 which we have to submit(yellow), I have that .. .the other 1 that we have to show at the time of interview.. (pink) I have a copy of tht (stamped by HDFC)..


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  • jespel
    April 5th, 2005, 02:31 PM
    I�ve a serious problem with my D2H. The photometer is not working at all!!!! The top display is showing always �HI� (or a very hi speed when I put the diaphragm at maximum) even with the optics cover closed. I�ve reset (with the green buttons) the camera but the problem persist. I�ve removed the battery > switched camera on > camera off again > insert the battery but no solution.
    The ISO value is at 200.
    I�ve switched on different positions the metering selector several times� nothing!
    I�ve removed the memory card� nothing!
    The rest is working perfectly, so I can take pictures with an external photometer (which I don�t have here now) or based on my light condition experience but this is not the point!!! Actually, I usually takes wilderness and travel photography and an external photometer makes me very difficult the practices. In addition, I�m living in Guinee (in the middle of nowhere) at this moment, them there is not Nikon service here of course!!!
    Please, any suggestion? Advice?
    I�ve not Internet access all the time, only to check my mail account. Could you please send your messages to my account too? A million of thanks in advance.

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  • lonedesi
    05-19 10:14 AM
    Should the job title for PERM labor filing be in Job Zone 5 to qualify under EB2 category? Or could one apply in Job Zone 4 and still qualify for a EB2? Also, does having an MBA, exempt a person from EB quota under any of the proposed bills like STEM, SKIL, PACE, TALENT or should it have to be an MS in Engineering.
    A quick response would be greatly appreciated.


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  • kghoshal
    11-02 11:31 AM
    Since we are uncertain of our job as well as status in USA,
    is it really worth to save on 401K? More input will be appreciateI.

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  • english_august
    01-14 07:59 AM
    This is an awesome community folks. I was able to get enough people to respond to this thread and the NPR reporter was surprised and very happy that we could do this even on a weekend.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who responded.

    Also, if you are available to talk to media in the future, please send me a PM after making sure that your contact information in the IV profile is correct.


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  • sheela
    08-11 01:02 PM
    Are you 16 or under? Were you applying with your parents? oh, i signed for my daughter aged 16

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  • plassey
    08-15 08:07 PM
    Why do u want to start a new thread on this see

    How many july 2 filers got some kind of communication as such their petition is acceptedd as of 15 th Aug


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  • manojs1234
    08-11 09:35 PM

    I am going to Chennai for my visa stamping and the consulate website says that I need to present the " complete I-129 petition submitted by your prospective employer including the Labor Condition Application " during the interview. Can any one tell me if the photocopy of those documents will do or do I really need to carry the originals (which I don't have)?



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  • komaragiri
    08-07 05:31 PM
    I have a question on the receipt number. If we get the receipt number, does it mean "The application is accepted" (All the supporting documentation and fee are coorect)?


    Are there any cases where receipt numbers is issued though the supporting documentation / fee is not correct?
    If correct fee is not filed, application will be rejected.


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  • mybond
    07-19 01:26 PM

    It will great help if some body can help regarding this.

    I had my H1B from A Company,Recently i have moved to B Company where i was asked to go to UK for Business purpose.I have yet to have stamping from B Company.I still have valid visa till end of next year from Company A name stamping in the passport.Will there be any issues for comming back from UK without having stamping.


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  • go_guy123
    11-15 01:14 PM
    Too many times such stuff has been said and always proved to be hot gas from from some politicians mouth.
    All this while EB suffers.
    An illegal is still going to do a $8/hr job, whether you give him a green card or not. He is still not going to pay taxes because he will get paid in cash. All that will change is that the illegal will be able to send sponsorship for his 50,000 cousins and uncles.
    EB will continue to always.

    illegals often pay tax actually. They work with fake (made up) ssn numbers and the tax
    is sent to IRS under that SSN. Lately in bush 2nd term and now Obama they are sending no match letters because the sin umber and the date of birth and name that is reported to IRS does not match with what they have in their system.

    However CIR is an impossible task in 2010. Other that some political show by Hispanic Caucus, it has no purpose.


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  • browncow
    06-29 11:54 AM
    answers in blue


    I need to renew my passport at the Indian Consulate in NY. I
    have a couple of quick questions. It would be great if someone could
    answer them for me.

    (1) Do I need to leave my I-94 card in when I give them my
    old passport? Is it OK if I remove it? Do they make a big deal of this?
    A. It is OK to remove the i-94

    (2) In the online form, what do I choose for the "Service Desired" field?
    "Re-issue of passport"?
    A. Yes, if you are sending the application within one year of your old passports expiry.

    Best Regards,

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  • xela
    04-06 05:34 PM
    I have 2 questions:

    While i did apply for my green card i never applied for the EAD since i thought my job was realtively safe. Now if i do get laid off since i am still on H1B what consequences does this have and can i switch to EAD without being illegal?

    secondly i was raped a while back while on a trip for work in the us. I still suffer from PTST and other things because of this, is there any help withregard to my legal status?
    I know there is some humanitarian things at uscis would those apply to me and can i make use of those?



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  • eilsoe
    10-02 07:34 AM
    Nice! :P

    I have one too...:

    picture: Soldier (

    Warning: 1280x1024, 750 Kb.

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  • anilsal
    07-10 12:27 AM
    I am sure MS has a lot of applicants that are facing retrogression. They do support employment based immigration.

    I do not work for MS.

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  • Ruta
    07-28 01:34 PM
    sorry for my ignorance.. But is that again July 2nd (receipt date on my application) or date they issue me Receipt #?

    07-13 10:36 AM
    I have just signed a contract to buy a new home.
    The first step is to be eligible for mortgage.

    During an interview with mortgage counsellor, she asked my visa status.
    I tried explaining her that I was not on H1 and had not received GC yet, that I am on EAD.
    But she did not understand it. She only understands H1 or GreenCard.

    I am not on H1 since I changed my employer and it expires this October.
    I have also travelled on Advanced parole.
    Recent EAD is good until 2010.

    Can anyone help?

    Kumar Nanada
    05-07 02:32 PM
    My Case Details:

    I currently have an H1 and have applied for 485(in July 2007, EB3 India, priority date April 2004, I-140 Approved, EAD approved). My wife also applied 485 (as beneficiary dependent) along with me and is currently working on EAD. Unfortunately my daughter was not in the country in July 2007 and due to unavoidable reasons she was not able to apply for 485 then. She came to US on H4 dependent visa and is currently studying in public school.

    My H1B visa and my daughters H4 visa expires in Sept, 2010. I want to use my EAD incase if my H1B extension is not approved in Sept, 2010 and am trying to find out if there were other legal ways for me to have my daughter documented in US.

    One of the option I was considering is try to get a F1 Student visa for her. My Daughter is in 10th grade currently (15 years old).

    Please advice:

    - What would be the best independent status for my daughter ?

    - if My daughter converts to a student visa (F1), and some time later EB3 category becomes current for my priority date, then can 485 be applied for my daughter while she is in F1 status ? IN other words are there any issues of her being in non-immigrant intent F1 visa and me applying for 485 for her as my dependent ?

    - Is there any limit on the number of years a person can be on F1 Visa in US ? She is currently in 10th grade and might join 11th Grade in F1 visa.

    - Does she need to go out of US to change her status from H4 to F1 ?

    - In case if required can I convert my EAD status back to H1B ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kumar N

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