Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • apahilaj
    10-26 03:24 PM
    Is anyone in same BOAT?
    I got EAD cards at my new address, but no FP notice yet. Have I missed that or USCIS might not have sent it yet?
    How can i check, Can i check the status online for FP ?
    Is there any way ?

    Call USCIS and find out. As per my knowledge, USCIS does not update it online once they send out the FP notice.

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  • sdrblr
    12-25 08:15 PM
    "I lost the paystub" is crap. On the flip side what were you doing for the three months waiting for it?
    Ask him to print the duplicate from your payroll system....this should not be an issue at all if he is not trying to hide anything.

    There is a good chance that the visa officer will ask you to prove your legal status on H1 and you may have to do a lot of explaining about the change in status.
    It just seems like something is not right here

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  • go2roomshare
    03-29 04:57 PM
    What I don't understand is why you are filing another I-140 when you already filed I-485? In any case you can use AC21 only after your 485 has been pending for more than 180 days.

    For PD porting you need to file I 140

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  • gc_dedo
    09-09 07:30 PM
    I just sent un-notarized copies
    I have the original.


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  • oldguynewguy
    02-11 01:37 PM
    I am currently on H-1B and filed for Adjustment of Status. I filed my I-485, AP, & EAD in August 2007. I got my EAD and AP in 2007 and it expired last year as well. I did not use the AP. I am with the same employer that filed my green card application. I am continuing on H-1B and did not use EAD.

    My H-1B is valid till April 2010. I have not applied for the extension of my EAD & AP. The H-1B stamp on my passport expired in August, 2007. Also, my passport is valid till October 2009. My wife is on H-4 and the visa stamp on her passport also expired in August 2007. Her H-4 is also valid till April 2010. I am planning a trip to India in the coming month.

    I wanted to know the process for my travel to India at this time on H status. Should I follow the standard procedure to file for H-1B renewal stamping at Indian embassy in India. Do I need to apply for passport renewal now since I have 8 months before it expires. Is it true that now it takes 4 work days to get the visa stamp in Canada.

    Your help in answering this would be really appreciated.


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  • kunalmeh
    06-27 03:33 PM
    Yes I have known people done for H1 and H4 both. My friend who was fron MP usually get his H1 from Mumbai. But Last year he got his H1 stamped from Delhi just because he wants to go to Honeymoon there. Hope this helps.

    oh great help man... also visa link says tht you have to sublit documents to the nearest application center... so tht means .. she can take appointment in Delhi but submit docs in Mumbai ?


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  • sweet_jungle
    03-04 11:03 PM
    I came to the US on F1 for MS and then trasferred to another college to pursue my PhD. During this time my F1 visa expired, but I am maintaining my legal status as my I-20 is valid. I got married last year and my wife who originally came on F1, is now on H1.
    I am going to planning to go to India in end of April and need to renew my F1 visa. What are the chances of my renewal getting refused, due to my wife's H1 (dual intention) status? What documents if any, can I show in order to prove that I have intentions to come back to the US?
    I need to get a visa interview date soon, so please reply as soon as is convenient.

    Thanks in advance!

    Should not be a problem. just keep some property docs.
    Worst case, they will give you H4 visa. Once you enter on H4, you can file I-539 to change from H4 to F1.

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  • aj_jadeja
    09-18 11:21 PM

    I will be going for H1B stamping in feb/March at Mumbai Consulate.
    In 2001 my F1 visa got rejected 3 times because I showed that I have sister in USA.

    My sister is in still in USA. Now while taking H1B appointment in form I have again to mention yes or no (for the Que do you have any relatives in USA)
    What I should do? What will be the effect if I said No? Do you think, VO will ask me that your F1 got rejected because you had sister in USA? So now did she came back?

    Please reply me ASAP.

    As far as i know no us consulate has right to reject H1b unless u have fasle docs or involved in wrong activities. Also DO NOT GIVE/WRITE any FALSE information about you to them or in other words DO NOT LIE to them .

    F1 rejection has NO baring on H1b.

    hope this helps.


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  • uncentainty
    05-08 10:18 PM
    I worked under H1B (valid 11/02/2009 - 10/14/2012) with nonstop paystubs since 11/02/2009.

    On 08/02/2010, some bad girl just wrote one short sentence false statement to USCIS and cancelled/revoked my H1B on 08/09/2010 secretly since she didn't notify anybody about what she had done. She also ignored 2 USCIS letters (dated 08/13/2010 and 02/04/2011 respectively) regarding the H1B cancellation.

    When I was going to join a new employer in March, I was told that my H1B was "inactive" and "retracted" by USCIS. the bad girl subsiquently filed a H1B petition with nunc pro tunc requirement for me but USCIS only approved I-797B with validation period 04/14/2011 - 10/14/2012 without I-94. I have to get H-1B visa from a US consulate.

    Will I be subject to 3 years ban?! Technically I have been OOS since 08/09/2010, however, I have been paid without any gap since 08/09/2010. I have nonstop paystubs since 11/02/2009. I am still being paid. The next paystub will be available on next Friday.

    Will I be subject to 3 years ban?! Can I apply for a visa back?! Can I file a criminal charge against this bad girl?!

    I feel hopeless until found this forum! Thanks for your helps!!!

    Life is uncertain

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  • bayoubengal
    12-16 02:07 PM
    This is for EB2 row. and whats the visa bulletin's priority dates.?


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  • yumyum20
    10-18 10:18 PM
    I need help. I had filed 2 I-485 applications. I was thinking that my first application would be rejected due to the incorrect filing fee that I sent but they accepted and I already have a receipt number and fingerprinting appointment next week. The 1st receipt # was issued from the TX Service Center. Today I got the 2nd receipt # from Nebraska. I don't know what I should do? Should I contact the USCIS and withdraw the one in Nebraska. The problem was that I sent two applications because I thought they were going to reject my first one because I sent a $1010 check instead of the $395. Now they both cashed my checks. I doesn't really matter to me but my concern now is since I already have a fingerprinting appointment next week. What should I do? Will they reject both of my applications?

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  • olegbi_q2
    07-27 05:20 PM
    Got an RFE request on a I485 that I think is a huge problem.

    I spent a year in the USA in 97-98 on J1 student exchange Visa.
    I went back to Russia, and finished the last year of high school there.

    Then in '99 I came back to the USA on an F1 visa, did a four year college. After that I have been continuously employed on H1b, filed for green card in 2007.

    RFE is requesting information about Section 212 of Immigration and Nationality Act.

    How big of a trouble am I in?


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  • NikNikon
    October 26th, 2006, 06:53 AM
    I guess what I was trying to illustrate was that I'll be spending less time in PS trying to bring out detail in the eyes which exactly what I did in my original post edit of the first photo. With the set up I have going now you can see the whites of the eyes better along with the color of the eye to the pupil. So less time in PS = more time shooting. ;)

    H1B Petetion returned to INS after 221(g) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : H1B Petetion returned to INS after 221(g)

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  • aarzoo
    01-11 01:14 PM
    Obtaining a birth certificate record or affidavits from two people who were present at the time of birth may help

    P.S.: I am not a lawyer


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  • alexgeek
    01-17 02:14 PM
    That's C# but I think that particular code will work with any .NET language.

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  • Mount Soche
    05-06 03:32 PM
    You will apply when your number is current on the visa bulletin.
    your interview will be scheduled in the 2011 fiscal yr which starts in october.
    you can adjust the status in the u.s but be careful with this as the backlog can make it a long wait or you can go home or to the country of last foreign residence and get it done the same day.
    any extra questions, send me a private note - i am very familiar with this process.
    in the meantime, start collecting your documents for the interview as instructed in the package you will have received.


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  • psychman
    11-18 01:59 AM
    Hi Kirupa. Thank you very much for the link. That did help clear things up. I think I could still benefit from seeing an example if you wouldn't mind sending one? Thanks!

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  • Anders �stberg
    May 6th, 2005, 09:30 AM
    That's almost a bit creepy with all the hairy detail. :)

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  • smarth
    05-04 05:04 PM

    My husband is having L1A visa through company X.
    Howmany days/moths/years will it take for us to get GREENCARD if we apply in MAY2008.

    I understood no LC is required for L1A visa holders Greencard processing.

    Thanks in advance.

    02-23 02:00 PM
    From my experience The people at the national center have no idea whats happening when compared to the guys at the specific centers. The national centers issues generic solutions. (Say fill a form and wait for 45 days. If after 45 days there is no answer they again send the form, etc) If you really want to know more or get proper action, the people at the specific centers will have to be contacted.

    The old way to get to the specified center is back. Dont listen the messages, just press the order of the buttons and it will work.

    07-24 11:15 PM
    IO discretion.

    My in-laws came in Apr'08 to US and left in Oct-08 for India. They then came back again in Dec'08 due to some issues and they had no problems - they again stayed nearly for months.

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