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  • insbaby
    09-22 09:12 AM
    Are you working now? Consult any immigration lawer on the steps to follow on the H1 transfer. I am not sure if there is a clause that you should have worked on the current company few months and get the pay checks. Also to transfer H1, you need copy of your 797 and not original. You can get it from your employer or from the lawer who filed H1. Bottom line, the forum answers should be taken as only guidence and not advice. Consult a IM lawer to confirm anything before you act.

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  • number30
    07-20 07:38 PM
    My spouse and I have been notified through I-797C notice of action letter of the interview for (form-1-485, application to register for permanent residency). They require us to bring along a checklist of items for the interview including form I-864 that needs to be attached with Tax returns and W2 or certified IRS printouts.

    Both of us have been in US for 15 years holding F1 and later H1B visas. The problem is that one of us (who is the dependent) has worked in several organizations without authorization. We would like to know what cause of action to take to mitigate the problem as well as the worst-case scenario in terms of our ability to obtain residency. Any advice, particularly those who know of someone who has faced a similar situation will be appreciated.

    how many Days person in question worked unauthorized? When was it? Did you travel outside US after that?
    Why are they asking for I-864? It is used usually in family based cases.

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  • goel_ar
    07-25 07:19 AM
    I am on H1 & my H1 (& visa stamping) expires in Apr 2009. My wife has H4 stamped on her passport until Apr 2009.
    My wife got her H1 approved in 2008 lottery with permit to start work starting October Ist, 2008.

    We are planning to take cruise to Bermuda from sep 28-oct 5. I just wanted to know ,
    a) will her H4 stamping be expired on October 5, 2008 , as her H1 will become effective?
    b) or she can use existing H4 stamping to re-enter into United States.
    c) or if someone knows whether she needs a valid visa stamping in accordance with her latest immigration status (h1 in this case on oct 5 , 2008) when returning to US in cruise.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • sw33t
    07-16 05:19 AM
    Hey guys

    I just wanted to let you know that all the San Jose members are thrilled that other people have been inspired to hold their own rally.

    We are working on a document that details what gives advice on what we did and how we did it. As well as things we learned that we should have done!

    Hopefully we'll be able to post it in a few days time, but please bear with us, we need sleep, to catch up at work and make sure we cover all the details.

    Hope the above links give an idea and inspire others.


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  • bang
    06-10 08:09 AM
    Just hold on to those papers and make them available when they travel back in future.
    Their Visa will not get cancelled, i have seen people coming back second time after just rejection. But ensure they leave the country ASAP

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  • albnfsjia
    08-05 06:24 AM
    OK , thanx 4 reply :)

    u did not understand me well , i have album in other xml file"example" , i want to incorporated in my draft

    how that?


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  • hopelessGC
    11-10 12:33 PM
    H1-B transfer will be a good option.

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  • Saralayar
    07-25 02:24 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...
    Yes. My friend gave personal check and no issues. he finished his FP and waiting for his AP.:)


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  • abhicyber
    10-22 10:30 PM

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  • continuedProgress
    07-27 02:04 PM
    The new fee structure goes into effect Aug 17.
    I vaguely remember reading an anecdote that there is no need to pay yearly renewal fees in the new fee structure. (Am I right?) Please share your views.
    Are there any advantages to filing per new fees?


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  • cygent
    10-18 06:23 AM

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  • bestfuture
    05-26 02:53 PM
    Hello, I lost my job today, but I have H1B. So what's the time gap for finding a new job?

    Thank you very much.


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  • QuintonBermuda
    04-26 10:22 PM
    See article:

    Congress hears two views on H-1B visas (

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  • cr52401
    02-16 11:04 AM
    I asked this before but no answer. Please help!!

    I like to know your experience with Perm for job zone V and ad in paper.
    Which one you think will go through easier without the audit.

    Our company attorney says master+0 will work. But I am thinking to require some experience will get better chance. I have master with 2 years before joining this company.

    Please advice. I appreciate it.

    Thank you.


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  • greenguru
    03-01 11:09 AM
    LCA(H1B) is for the Company and not for the Employee.

    If you check your LCA your name will not be there anywhere.

    It just gives

    I think you should be fine..

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  • shana04
    01-22 10:57 AM makes sense totally...

    Thanks for supporting


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  • waitin_toolong
    08-14 06:50 AM
    Since her is the derivative GC and you are already approved there are no employment letters needed.

    She needs to use AP/EAD to travel/work maintain legal status at all times.

    You just need to be financially solvent just in case they ask for financial support docs I dont see that happening.

    If your PD is EB3/2003 i dont think she will have to wait too long.

    Too many people with PD 2001-2003 along with several 2004-2005 are approved or getting approval. anyone with Pd 2003 and above should not have to wait too long.

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  • jijiewang
    01-24 01:42 AM

    Last year my husband got laid off. At that time he was on H1 visa, 140 approved and 485 pending. He applied and got AP, and then left U.S in March 2009. AP is valid until March 02, 2010.

    Now he wants to get back to U.S. and try his luck finding a job before AP expires.

    My question is what are his chances to be able to get in U.S considering

    1)He has stayed outside of U.S for about 11 months.
    2)He is not employed by any U.S company.



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  • amsgc
    06-16 11:07 AM
    Better give them both there is no harm, because they are gonna check the validity period on them.

    But u can ask a attroney, that was my opinion.


    I am trying to understand the I-485 process and unfortunately don't have a lawyer to ask questions.

    Can someone please explain why copies of the passport (showing biographical data) are required? Which form asks for them - I did not find anything in I-485. That form only asks for a copy of the visa, if issued within the last year.

    Thank you.


    02-20 12:54 PM
    TSC processing times for Feb is out.

    I-485 has advanced to 18th July 07.

    Any idea with whats going on with TSC Processing times, my PD is current Nov' 2003, however do not see any movement in the processing times, 485 applied on Aug 7, 007, any idea when they will publish the new processing times? Any way we can know where we are in the 485 proccess?

    Thanks in advance.

    03-04 12:21 PM
    I have my H1 filed in 2008. Due to the market situation, I didn't go for H1 stamping and was never active on H1 so far. I entered US in March 2009 on H4. Now I got a project and want to go for the H4->H1 COS.

    I would like to know the steps/process for H4 -> H1 COS.

    I know my employer is the best person to answer this. But, the problem is whenever I ask any details, he always tries to abstract the info.

    If there are sequence of steps, after which step one is authorized to work? I tried getting the info online, but couldn't . If any of you can give me a pointer or explain the process in detail, it would be very great and helpful.

    My employer has applied for LCA. He says that he would initiate the COS process as soon as he gets the LCA. And my employer says that I can start working as soon as he files for COS and no need to wait for the approval. I want to make sure that I don't run into any legal issues. Once the employer has initiated the COS process, is there a way one can track the status and also to verify the status after the completion of the process.

    Also, please let me know how much it would cost for normal and premium processing and also the time lines for the normal and premium processing.

    Sorry for too many questions. But, please please do help!!!

    Thanks a ton in advance!!

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