Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ramus
    07-05 02:09 PM
    Here is media thread..


    I am keep asking every member to spend 15 mins to find out right thread before opening new thread.. Its very difficult to keep track of every thread..

    Please post any media related post on http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5994

    Thanks.. Hope you understand.

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  • bkpaddy
    07-17 06:40 AM

    My H1 was filed on the 1st week of April and I have not yet recieved the reciept number of the same. I am still waiting. When I ask my employer he says even he is waiting for the same. Can someone please let me know what I should do now? Some contact number at VSC will be very useful..

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • sjhugoose
    February 5th, 2004, 05:56 AM
    Just announced today is the new fujifilm S3 with its proported 12 MP sensor! It will consist of 2 "stacked" 6 MP sensors one for normal detail, one for highlights supposedly giving 4 times the dynamic range. The file output will remain 12 MP as was with the S2.

    DPR has the press release: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0402/04020503fujifilms3pro.asp

    In my opionin, it still does not sound like a real 12 MP, rather an enhanced 6 MP cause all they have done is extended DR by adding a second pixel at each photosite. Now lets see how DR is actaully affected, claims of 4x DR are pretty large and tough to live up too! If the previous camera had 4 stops of DR that would mean 16 stops now? Nothing I've seen ever had that wide a range!


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  • pdt
    06-14 04:42 PM
    Both NIW and Eb-1a are DIY, so I do not have a lawyer to ask. It would be appreciated if you can share the response from your lawyer.

    I am also thinking about interfiling, but it is said that both 140 have to be approved for interfiling of 485. How long does it take for interfiling? someone said it takes a long time. not sure if it is right.

    I am in similar boat. What does your lawyer say? I am waiting for my lawyer response. How about option on interfiling NIW 140 with the pending I-485. That is do not file new I-485 but change underlined I-140 in the old one. Ask your lawyer about that and let us also know whats his/her response.


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  • ed61115
    November 8th, 2004, 09:02 PM
    Nikon Coolpix 5700 lens question-
    Retired guy needs advice. I bought Raynox Digital DCR-5000 0.5x Super Wide Angle lens from Abe's of Maine for $99.- but with NO threaded front element for a UV filter.
    And I bought a Vision Optics Titanium 0.48 Wide Angle with Macro from www.mydigitalgear.com (http://www.mydigitalgear.com) also for $99. and it has a threaded front element for a UV filter.
    Has anyone had experience with these? Or am I better with the Nikon Lens for $150.? I appreciate advice. Thanks. ed61115@gmail.com

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  • cr52401
    10-02 11:57 AM
    1. Where are you planning to go? CAnada. or Mexico or your country of origin.

    Depending on the above answer the process will be different.

    I am planning to go to Canada because my PR will be ready soon and I have to land to get my cards. I am not planning to stay there. Unfortunately I was born in one of those five countries which I can not go out and in with H1. With this US immigration Retro. I really don't like to lose my Canadian profile.
    I am looking for find a way going around this issue and make sure I can come back to us without any problem.
    Please let me know if you can help me.

    EB3 from ROW, PD of Oct 2003. File RIR and transfer PD with Perm.

    Thank you.


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  • enggr
    10-06 03:06 PM

    My I-797 expires on Dec 20th 2008
    My 6 year term of H1b is between 2004 Oct till 2010 Sep
    My previously filed PERM & I-140 are under the verge of rejection due to a pending RFE.

    I am planning to file another PERM. Even though I'm trying to do it ASAP, I'm wondering whether I have an advantage on filing new PERM before Dec 20th 2007.

    While applying for H1B extension in Dec 2008, If I have an approved labor/pending I-140 I thought I could request for 3 year extension. If I don't have labor/I-140 pending I can only request for 20 months extension (as my 6 year H1B term ends on Sep 2010)

    I read from a site that...

    "One in H1B/H-4 status can extend to the end of the 6-year limit, and then take advantage of the provisions allowing extensions beyond the 6-year limitation, if the labor certification or I-140 was filed at least a year earlier."

    When I asked this question to my attorney he said

    You can file for an H-l B visa extension up to 6 years. You can only file for an extension past the 6th year if your labor certification and/or I-l40 was pending for more the 365 days prior to the 6th year on your H-lB Visa status. If not and your labor certification is approved and the I-l40 is pending then you can only request an extension in one (l) year increments only until a final decision is made.

    So does this mean I can only request for a 12 month extension if labor/I-140 is pending on Nov 2008?

    Readers, Please provide me your guidance....
    Thanks in advance

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  • Janisaris
    10-22 09:58 AM
    I am in the same boat. Filed July 19th . As of Last Friday not in the system.
    No checks cleared. All the guys who filed with me got their receipt last week from Texas. I am the only one remaining. My I140 was approved from NSC.


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  • JakeJapan
    01-24 12:26 PM
    Returning to the US after living abroad for 9 years and need to know what is the best process for my wife to re-apply for green card.
    My wife and I have been married for 20 years, own a home in the US and have one child who holds a US passport. While living in the US my wife held a Green Card. However, when we moved she surrendered the card. Now we are returning to the US and she need to get the Green Card once again. Does she need to apply as if this is the first time or is there an application or process for previous residents or Green Card holders?

    Thank you for any and all help you can provide.


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  • Becks
    01-12 10:27 PM
    I think you can go for stamping. Instead of Paystubs you better wait till you get your W2 and then go. But carry paystubs with you and show them if they ask.


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  • mundakamal
    06-20 07:04 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    For FP, USCIS takes the address from G325A or from the I485 form. The reason I am asking is because my company is putting their's address in I485. So I am wondering.

    Thanks for the reply..

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  • rsrikant
    07-18 01:27 PM
    is it a must to attach employment offer letter along with 140 or 485??
    please advice...


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  • bostonian
    02-11 02:43 PM
    I didnt mean to burst your bubble...but may be its just that you are getting another finger printing notice. Its expires in 15 months. If you read the other forums July 07 filers have started getting their next set of FP notices. I wouldnt get too carried away.

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  • Maverick1
    11-08 12:30 PM
    IV Core...
    Any update on this bill introduced yesterday in the Senate..
    Is there anything for us in this buried somewhere...??

    I saw about it on CNN yesterday. A bipartisan bill is being proposed in the house (Some thing like 41 DEMS and 47 REPs) are sponsoring and they expect the number to reach 100 in a day or two.

    Looks like the focus of this bill is just securing the borders and has potential to pass. It appears it is a great opportunity (If possible) to add some recapture provisions to this. Is IV working on it ? It is alright if it is being discussed in State Chapters and can't be disclosed here, please say so.


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  • lecter
    January 4th, 2005, 12:25 AM
    cool. If you saturated it a little more the Orange would become more dominant and give you another picture yet again!!!


    trace bitmap [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : trace bitmap

    08-18 03:07 PM
    Hi guys.

    One of my favourite features in Flash is Trace Bitmap. I am currently trying to produce a print catalog and wanted to use this effect. I was wondering if there's any other programs that offer a similar feature, or otherwise what is the best way to trace a photo in flash and export it to another program.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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  • ruchigup
    05-01 01:40 PM
    I am taking services of an attorney to write a response. But kind of getting concerned.


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  • freddyCR
    February 13th, 2005, 03:23 PM
    Had a very disturbing photo trip to an abandoned TB sanatorium

    22 mm
    ISO 1600


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  • english_august
    08-21 12:01 AM
    C'mon bloggers where are you? This is your moment to rise and shine, to prove that blogging can be as effective, if not more, than the conventional media.

    We've got to have some passionate bloggers on this forum!!! Please PM me with your email id if you want to join the group of IV bloggers.

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  • unseenguy
    06-08 08:45 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I was reading another thread and a question came to my mind..

    I entered in US on AP and got the I-94 with the validity date as my AP date. Now my AP is going to expire and I am not going to travel anywhere any time this year. So just wondering what will happen when the I-94 is expired. Do I have to get it renewed from somewhere or just dun worry about it. or do I have to apply for a new AP.

    Can anyone can shed some light on this situation?

    If your AP expires, renew it. Dont worry about I-94

    07-27 01:11 PM
    Every time I call USCIS to inquire if my I-140 is filled under EB2 or EB3. They ask me to ask my lawyer or employer to call. They won't tell me. I do have a copy of I-140 that states it is Eb2 (Advance degree and all)
    I cannot ask my previous enployer to call as I have left the company using AC21.
    Please advise what is the solution?

    EB2, if your I-140 approval reads as "Section: Mem of Profession w/Adv Deg, or of Exceptn'l Ability Sec.203(b) (2)" You should be worried only if you had two different 140 with the same employer. Take infopass and give a try, there is no standard procedure to find out.

    04-13 11:21 AM
    We are indian nationals living in the US - I have an H1-B visa with visa stamp valid till 05/2010 and my wife is on H4 - she has a valid 797 but does not have a visa stamp yet

    We are planning to visit UK on visitor visa for 2 weeks .. Is it possible to get a visa stamp in London US consulate and how long does it normally take to get a visas stamp?


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